Why Can’t I Open Spotify?

Zianna Weston
4 min readMar 8, 2022

You weren’t the only one who couldn’t open Spotify today.

“no music, no life”
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This morning started off with my usual routine. I listened to Up First podcast for my daily news update, took my dog on a walk, and opened up my laptop to begin writing. I grabbed my phone to open Spotify and started my morning Medium scroll to a soundtrack of The Wombats and Cold War Kids.

After a while, I switched back to a podcast. I have been reviewing true crime podcasts and I’m currently working on an article that focuses on podcasts that follow one specific case for an entire season. I listened to one episode of The Real Killer while I tidied up my room and after the episode was over I opened Spotify again to resume listening to music.

But I was met with a weird message. I had been logged out of my account.

No problem! I thought I’d just log back in and get back to the music! But of course, remembering the correct password for an account that you use every day and rarely have to log into is always a nightmare. I figured, as per usual, that it’s not you it’s me. So I gave up on Spotify on my phone and asked Alexa to play Phoebe Bridgers.

“Now playing Phoebe Bridgers on Amazon Music.”

Eek, “Amazon Music” are words that are ironically NOT music to my ears. But I figured as long as she played me some music, I didn’t really care enough to figure out my tech issues. I’m impatient and I had articles to write. I wrote for a while and took a break to scroll Instagram. That’s when I saw this post.

Jerry News Instagram post reads “Spotify Down”
Image courtesy of @JerryNews on Instagram

It appears that I am not the only one who has been having issues with Spotify today! According to Down Detector, Spotify users began reporting outages at around 10:30 am PST and over 176,000 outages have been reported.

This is what Spotify looks like when I open the app.

Spotify log in screen
Image courtesy of author, Zianna Weston.
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