What is #filmstagram?

Zianna Weston
4 min readJan 16, 2022

How joining the film community on Instagram led to becoming a film critic.

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The beauty of filmstagram is that any movie buff can join the community of fellow movie lovers. Photo by GR Stocks on Unsplash

#Filmstagram is so much more than just a hashtag

Every cinephile knows the look. It happens after you’ve just launched into a lengthy analysis of your favorite director’s newest project. You’re concerned about the film because the lead actor has a reputation of being a diva on set, and you know the studios are pushing to release immediately on streaming but the director wants a theatrical release. As your volume increases and the pace of your speech quickens with excitement, you notice your friend’s eyes are glazing over. You’ve done it again. You’ve bored them with talking too much about movies.

You may be a cinephile if your friends look like this while you launch into 45-minute theories about the latest Marvel movies. Photo by Ekoate Nwaforlor on Unsplash

There are tons of cinephiles on Instagram who just want to talk about movies

#Filmstagram is a community of movie lovers on Instagram who just want to spend all day talking about movies! The #filmstagram community is pretty big and the hashtag has over 450,000 posts. I started a movie review account on Instagram almost 3 years ago and have found an incredible community of friends. I originally started the account as a place to publish my writing and provide some accountability. Fellow writers will understand my struggle, but I was a writer who wasn’t spending any time writing. When I started the account I had the goal of getting other people to read my writing. But what I wasn’t expecting was to find a community of incredible, movie-loving friends!

Publishing movie reviews on Instagram led to becoming a film critic

After consistently publishing reviews on Instagram, I started a website. This is a key step if you want to make the leap from Instagram to film critic. A fellow cinephile found my page after I had tagged my favorite movie theater’s location in several of my posts. He let me know about the Nevada Film Critics Society and to my surprise, I met their requirements for membership! Joining a film critics society is awesome because you get to vote for your favorite movies during awards season, you…

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