These True Crime Podcasts Can Turn Anyone Into a Crime Junkie

Zianna Weston
6 min readJan 18, 2022

If you’re obsessed with true crime, you HAVE to give these podcasts a listen.

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What are the best true crime podcasts?

There is no shortage of true crime podcasts, but these are the ones that stand out to me and keep me coming back week after week to get my true crime fix.

Crime Junkie Podcast logo
Crime Junkie Podcast. Image courtesy of Crime Junkie Podcast.

Crime Junkie

This is the podcast that started my true crime obsession. My anxiety used to stop me from listening to and/or watching anything related to true crime because I would end up staying awake all night convinced that someone was going to murder me. But there was something about the Crime Junkie hosts’ voices that was so soothing that I was able to get into the stories without feeling immediately spooked.

Hosts Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat tell a different story every week and they are broken down into these categories; MISSING, MURDERED, WANTED, MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF, SERIAL KILLER, INFAMOUS, and CAPTURED. Each episode usually focuses on one person’s story (sometimes two, or a whole group if they were all murdered by the same person) and gives a well-researched account of what happened. The best part about this show is the hosts are lifelong best friends and have great on-air chemistry. I also love that they strive to give a voice to less reported on cases, especially those involving people of color. They tell the stories respectfully and the emphasis is always placed on the victims of crime, and never glorifies the perpetrators of crime, or sensationalizes violence for the sake of shocking the audience.

Generation Why podcast logo
Generation Why Podcast. Image courtesy of Generation Why Podcast.

Generation Why

After binging every available episode of Crime Junkie, I was forced to branch out and find more true crime podcasts. But it was hard to find another podcast that was as high-quality and well-researched as Crime Junkie. That’s when I found Generation Why and was satisfied with their meticulous research and…



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