The New True Crime Podcast That’s Dedicated to Heating Up Cold Cases

Zianna Weston
4 min readMar 2, 2022

‘The Deck’ is the latest podcast by true crime powerhouse Audiochuck.

The Deck
Image courtesy of Audiochuck.

Audiochuck is well known to true crime podcast fans for producing the podcasts Crime Junkie, Anatomy of Murder, and CounterClock. They’ve just dropped a brand new podcast called The Deck, and it’s dedicated to some of the coldest murder and missing persons cases in the United States.

Cold Case Playing Cards

In prisons across the country, inmates are given a special deck of playing cards that law enforcement hopes will help them solve some of their toughest cases. These playing cards have the faces and stories of murder victims and missing persons whose investigations have gone cold. This means that law enforcement has no active leads to pursue, but the case is still open because it is unsolved. By handing out cold case playing cards, police hope to spark the memory of inmates who may know something and feel that enough time has passed that it’s safe to talk.

The Challenge of Solving Cold Cases

Cases go cold for a reason. All of the investigators’ leads have come up dry, or there just isn’t enough available evidence, and they need new information to reinvigorate the case. This is where The Deck comes in! The podcast has the same goal as the playing cards; to reach a wider audience with cold cases in the hopes of stirring up new leads. At the end of every episode, the audience is encouraged to call law enforcement if they think that they know any information that could be helpful in solving the case.

What to Expect From an Episode of ‘The Deck’

Each episode is pretty short, making this a great podcast to listen to if you have a limited amount of time or a short attention span. The episodes range from approximately 25–30 minutes in length. The show is hosted by Ashley Flowers, founder of Audiochuck and host of several shows including Crime Junkie podcast. Flowers is blessed with a great podcasting voice and she takes us through the details of 1–2 cases per week. All of the stories told are from cold cast playing cards.

The show features interviews with some of the investigators involved with the…

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