Delphi Murders Update: A Man is in Custody in Connection to the 2017 Murders

Zianna Weston
3 min readOct 28, 2022

Two teenage girls were murdered in Delphi, Indiana 5 years ago and their case still remains unsolved.

This photo of Abby Williams and Libby German was posted on Kelsi German’s Instagram on May 12, 2022. Image courtesy of Instagram.

Indiana State police have arrested a man named Richard Allen (50) in connection to the unsolved murders of Abby Williams (13) and Libby German (14), according to Fort Wayne’s NBC. Sources have confirmed that Allen is in custody at the Carroll County Jail, but police have given no further details. They will be holding a press conference on Monday where they will announce the arrest and hopefully give further details about the case.

This updated wanted poster was posted on Kelsi German’s Instagram on Oct. 12, 2022. Image courtesy of Instagram.

The case of the teenage girls who tragically lost their lives has captured the attention of the public for five years. The girls went missing on Feb. 13, 2017. They were hanging out and walking along the Delphi Historic Trail. But when they were supposed to be picked up, the girls were nowhere to be found.

This case is captivating for several reason.

The victims are children.

Murder is always tragic, but there is something so impactful when a child’s life is cut short. Abby and Libby were best friends and they were doing what kids should be able to do; hang out outside and go on a walk without risk of being attacked. I think the circumstances of this case make it universally relatable. You would have a very hard time finding someone who has never gone on a walk with a friend. But unfortunately for Abby and Libby, that was the last thing that they ever did.

The chilling audio.

When police found the girls’ bodies they made an incredible discovery. The girls had taken a recording of a man who was following them on the bridge they were walking on. The police released a short audio clip to the public, urging everyone to listen to see if they recognized the voice. They also released a video clip to see if anyone recognized the man by the way he was walking. Crime junkies have been obsessing over these clips for years and doing everything they can to find this man. But the thought that the girls may be the ones to solve their own…

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